Yes, we are having church in person!

by Dr. Austin Lingerfelt on June 29, 2020

Yes, we are having church in person!  Since the beginning of May, we have been having church in person.  Our service times are Sundays at 9 am and 11 am and on Wednesdays at 7 pm.  Nursery and children's church is available during every service.  Temperatures will continue to be checked for all children.  Sunday School classes and Spanish translation, along with 5 am prayer and Champion Builders groups have resumed. 

Due to Governor Greg Abbott's executive orders, the face covering requirement does NOT apply to churches.  We are continuing to take necessary precautions to make sure that everything is clean and in order. We also have plenty of seats in the auditorium, so you can sit where you’d like to and space out as much as you want. 

Every service will continue to be livestreamed.

If you are a senior citizen or if you are concerned about gathering at this time, you are welcome to stay home and watch online.  If you or anyone in your family is running a fever or exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home.  If you would like extra space for you or your family, please attend the 11 am service.  Praise God for a BIG BUILDING that’s almost paid off with plenty of room for you and your family to safely attend church!

Below we have also linked to articles that provide truthful, factual information about Covid-19.  Dr. Kelly Victory has also put together a special video for us on the truth about Covid-19 and children, masks, and social distancing. In these days, we must operate by truth and facts, not media misinformation.  And we must also operate by faith, not fear!

Dr. Kelly Victory on Covid-19

Watch a special video on the truth about Covid-19 and children, masks, and social distancing.

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