How can i help?

If you are new to the church and have decided Faith Christian Center is your church home, you can immediately starting helping out with our monthly outreach.

To help out with other areas in the church, we have several basic requirements. Commitment is important and we believe it's important that we know those who labor among us (1 Thessalonians 5:12).


To volunteer, there are several basic requirements:

Attend church on a regular basis and attend church for at least 9 months. We want to make sure that those who commit to helping out have demonstrated faithfulness in coming to church and being committed to God's Word and God's house.

Give on a regular basis. Jesus taught that a person has their heart where they put their treasure (Matt. 6:21). Volunteers should tithe and give on a regular basis.

Complete Laying a Firm Foundation. This workbook is for people new to the church and it covers the basics of the Christian faith and what we believe as a church. We want people helping out to have the basics down. You can complete Laying A Firm Foundation in the Next Step class or on your own.  Laying A Firm Foundation is available in the cafe bookstore for $20 and it includes an MP3 CD that you can listen to for completion of the lessons.

Not just help out, but also sit in services to hear God's Word.  It's great when people want to help out, but it's not great when they help out at the expense of sitting in services and being fed spiritually.  It's important to do both!  This is one reason WHY we have two Sunday morning services, so you can sit in a service and also help out in a service.  To feed others spiritually and to minister effectively, you must first feed yourself spiritually.

If you meet these requirements, you can volunteer to help in any area of the church.  To volunteer, please fill out the form below.


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I have been attending FCC 9 months or more*

I have completed Laying A Firm Foundation*

I tithe and give on a regular basis*