faith comes by hearing

Current Series

Miracles of the New Testament

Discover the patterns and principles of the miracles of the New Testament. In your life, you can take action on these patterns and principles to receive from God.

Essentials of the Faith

In this powerful series, Pastor Gene Lingerfelt and Austin Lingerfelt address what we must believe in order to be saved and how we should live as Christians.

Abraham: Father of Our Faith

The Bible calls Abraham the father of our faith! Abraham lived by faith and experienced the blessing and favor of God. In this series, learn how to live by faith, how to lift up your eyes, and how to walk in the blessing of Abraham.

How Faith Works

As Christians we are to live by faith and we receive any good thing from God by faith.  In fact, the Christian life begins with receiving salvation by faith!  The Bible even tells us that without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.  This makes understanding what faith is and how faith works crucial for successfully living the Christian life.  In this powerful series, learn How Faith Works.

The Praise Cure

When we ask God for anything, we are to believe we receive. This requires praise and thanksgiving! Many times we ask God again and again, when instead we should thank God that we have received what we've asked for. Praise comes before victory! Many times, in the midst of life's challenges, we don't feel like expressing gratitude and the last thing we want to do is worship God. But praise has power and praise leads to victory, healing, and breakthrough!  In this series, discover the power of praise in The Praise Cure!

The Believer's Authority

Discover WHO you are in Christ and the AUTHORITY God has given you in Christ!  Knowing WHO you are and the AUTHORITY you have will lead to victory! Many Christians are defeated because they do not know their place in Christ.

20 Things the Rich Do Every Day

You can believe all the right things, but until you do the right things—based on what you believe—the circumstances of your life will not change or improve for the better.  The wrong habits will hinder you and hold you back in every area of life.  But, the right habits will propel you towards success!  In this series, based on a Dave Ramsey article, discover “20 Things the Rich Do Every Day” from a Biblical perspective.

God's Plan for Financial Freedom

John Wesley, the famous revivalist, once said, “It seems that God is limited by our prayer life; that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks him." In our culture today—and in the church world—many believe they can live however they want and that God will still bless their lives. Unfortunately, that thinking doesn't line up with God's Word or reality.

Two of the most powerful ways you can INVITE God to intervene into your life is through CONFESSION of God's Word and TITHING. The reason so many give up on Christianity is because they never really tried Christianity as it was meant to be practiced. Christianity was meant to be practiced as COVENANT. Unlike belief, faith requires corresponding action. Likewise COVENANT requires taking ACTION on what one professes to believe.

Without faith instead of belief, without corresponding action, you cannot walk in Covenant with God. And without Covenant, Christianity offers no POWER, no PROSPERITY and no PROTECTION.

Classic Sermons

Classic sermons from the history of the church, beginning with the church's first anniversary in 1985.  For 30 years, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has faithfully and consistently preached the same message of FAITH in God and His Word.  

Covenant & Character

In Joshua 1, God gave Joshua a formula for success.  God's will for His people is that they be a success in every area of their lives.  If what God told Joshua is true, the REAL way to be blessed, healthy, and prosperous is to make your life pleasing to God. Only two things matter in life:  (1) What has God said about your life, and (2) What you are SAYING and DOING about what God has said.  In this series, “Covenant & Character,” we will learn HOW to succeed, prosper, and experience God’s best in our lives.