faith comes by hearing

Current Series

Four Things We Must Confess

If you want to live a victorious Christian life, then you must know and confess WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.

Classic Sermons

Classic sermons from the history of the church, beginning with the church's first anniversary in 1985.  For 30 years, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has faithfully and consistently preached the same message of FAITH in God and His Word.  

Covenant & Character

In Joshua 1, God gave Joshua a formula for success.  God's will for His people is that they be a success in every area of their lives.  If what God told Joshua is true, the REAL way to be blessed, healthy, and prosperous is to make your life pleasing to God. Only two things matter in life:  (1) What has God said about your life, and (2) What you are SAYING and DOING about what God has said.  In this series, “Covenant & Character,” we will learn HOW to succeed, prosper, and experience God’s best in our lives.  


INCREASE is a study of miracles of INCREASE throughout the Bible.  This series covers miracles of provision, healing, INCREASE, resurrection, favor, and protection. This series will encourage and inspire you to believe God for more in every area of your life!