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Prayer and Healing

10.07.14 | Prayer | Healing | Faith | by Dr. Austin Lingerfelt

Prayer and Healing

    God's will is health and healing. This article address how you can receive your healing by prayer and faith even when you face spiritual opposition to what rightfully belongs to you.

    We know from God's Word that God's will is health and healing. God has revealed Himself in His Word as Jehovah Rapha, the Lord God our healer.  And healing is a part of the atonement (Isaiah 53; 1 Peter 2:24)!  If you study the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, you will see that He went around doing good and healing all, as it says in Acts 10:38.  You will not find one time where Jesus told someone it wasn't God's will to heal them.  You will not find one time where Jesus told a person that God's will for their life was sickness.  God's will is health and healing!  And healing belongs to you as a child of God!

    Sometimes healing takes place instantly.  When that happens, the healing is a miracle.  It is instantaneous.  Sometimes healing takes place over time.  It is a recovery.

    When people pray or when hands are laid on them and an instantaneous miracle does not take place, they sometimes walk away frustrated and begin to buy into religious thinking.  They begin to think, "Well, maybe it's not God's will to heal me."  Such thinking is from the devil.  Sometimes answers come instantly but sometimes answers take time. We see that in the life of Daniel.  Daniel's answer was delayed 21 days because of spiritual opposition.  The moment Daniel prayed, God heard Daniel and answered Daniel by sending an angel to him.  Yet, that angel was delayed for three weeks because of spiritual opposition.  Daniel didn't get bitter.  He didn't get frustrated.  He didn't quit God and throw in the towel!  No, he continued to pray and fast!  He prayed through and his answer finally arrived.  Sometimes there is incredible spiritual resistance to us receiving what we have asked God for.  This is why old-time Pentecostals understood the power and importance of praying through. 

    Jesus taught clearly that when we believe and lay hands on the sick that the sick will get well (Mark 16:18).  He did not say some of them will get well! He said that those who have hands laid upon them - by those who believe - will get well! They WILL get well! James affirms the same spiritual truth in James 5:14-15.

    If you are born again, if you are a child of God, then healing is a covenant right and your healing belongs to you.  Hands can be laid upon you as a point of contact for you to exercise your faith.  Or, you can simply ask God in prayer for what rightfully belongs to you--your healing.

    Many times people ask though, how they should continue to pray if their healing is not an instantaneous miracle.  How do you pray after hands have been laid upon you? Or, how do you pray after you have prayed for your healing? How do you believe God for a full recovery?

    Remember, Jesus said in Mark 16:17-18: "And these signs will follow those who believe...they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover (or they will get well).”  If you have prayed or if hands have been laid upon you, then by faith you are recovering.  You may not feel like it yet.  But by faith, you are recovering.  You must believe and say (with your mouth) what God's Word says.

    If you have prayed or been prayed for, this is how you should pray from this point forward: "Father God, I believe I receive I am healed. I believe I receive I have been healed by the stripes of Jesus. Your Word says that we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I was prayed for. Hands were laid upon me. So I believe I am recovering. I am recovering and I am getting well, in Jesus’ name.”

    Then, praise God. Worship God. And thank God! Many times, the ANSWER - the VICTORY - comes as we worship and praise God in FAITH, thanking Him that He has heard us, that He has answered us, and that the victory is being manifested in our lives.

    And, as you praise God in faith, ACT like you are healed. You must ACT as if God's Word is true in your life. That is FAITH and it is FAITH that brings the manifestation of everything that God's Word says belongs to us.

    Once we ask, we are to believe we receive until the victory comes. We are to believe we receive until the full manifestation comes. Some healings take place instantly. Some take place over time.  Either way, if you will refuse to quit... if you will stand fast in faith... if you won't give up but will believe you receive until the answer comes... the ANSWER WILL COME! It's just a matter of time!

    To better understand healing, I would highly encourage you to read F.F. Bosworth's "Christ the Healer" or T.L. Osborn's "Healing the Sick."

    If you would like us to agree with you in prayer for a healing in your physical body, please contact us.