Challenge Offering Commitment

Give and it will be given unto you!

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity as we set aside money for the future and Phase II!  We also appreciate your faithfulness in completing any past challenge offering commitments. To learn more about our Spring Challenge Offering, watch this video.

First, visit to give any amounts you plan to give toward the 2024 Spring Challenge Offering (or previous commitments).  Use the category "Challenge."  To use text giving, text FCCamountchallenge to 45777.

Second, fill out the form below to let us know how much you are giving or committing for the 2024 Spring Challenge Offering AND let us know if you are giving an amount towards a previous commitment. 

Challenge Offering Commitment

Would you like the church business office to let you know how much you have outstanding on previous Challenge Offerings?

2024 Spring Challenge Offering

Learn more in this special video.

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