God's Very Own Child

by Dr. Gene Lingerfelt
Christian Classics, New Believers


God set his first man—Adam—and His first woman—Eve—in the middle of their very own garden. It was, truly, a “Garden of Eden.” But this first couple allowed satan to deceive them and to talk them out of their rightful place of power, dominion and fruitfulness in God’s creation. And that’s where the story of man would have ended if it had not been for the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ upon Calvary’s Cross! Because of that work of substitution, you and I are no longer estranged from God. He has bought us: purchased us with the blood of His very own Son. Not only that, He has made us His very own sons and daughters! We have been adopted into God’s very own family! And because of this, God loves you so very much, He will go to any length to see your dream and your vision come to pass! This is what we call “the reality of Christ’s life in us TODAY as believers.” As you read this book, and build these facts of faith into your thought life, your life will be forever changed as you realize–and begin to walk in—what Christ has done for you!

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